Why I write: A touching story shared with me about Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure

Over the weekend, a relative of mine sent me some messages with a story which more or less goes like this:

“Hello Caleb! Congratulations on your success. I am tickled to death to see this. I have a story for ya.

Three years ago a Young man named Brett Swisher walked into my Avionics class, sat down in the back. After a week of observing him it became apparent that he was suffering from Dyslexia, just like [my brother].

Even the teachers made it difficult for him by openly ridiculing him.

Me and a group of Veterans in the class took this fellow under our wings and we discovered a great mechanical mind hidden behind his fear of the written word. I tutored this group every weekend at the Main Campus library for up to 16 hours at times getting run out of the library at midnight.

Brett now holds a Certified Airman 1st Class A&P Mechanics license. He came by the house last weekend, all excited and stuttering and carrying on . . . He saw you book on Blackbeard, ordered it, and read it cover to cover in two days!

For him, it was a major milestone. It was the first book he ever WANTED to read, and the first one he ever bought just to read.

He loved it!

Brett’s girlfriend, Jenna, was astounded. He is already reading it again!”

I’m going to be honest with you here. I don’t make a lot of money off these books. If you’re looking at it from a time investment to cashflow perspective, then I’m coming way out on the wrong end.

But it is stories like this that I get from readers, or about readers, that keeps me going. The ability to touch people’s lives and hearts, and move them to do things outside of their comfort zone I take to heart and seriously.

I’m currently working on a follow-up to Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure using the same characters. This time, they find themselves in a search for the Fountain of Youth.

I hope to get stories like this the next time around as well.


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