Caleb Wygal’s debut novel, MOMENT OF IMPACT, celebrates its 10th Anniversary FREE on Kindle

Over the weekend, I, like many other authors, was checking on my Amazon Author Profile Page that lists my novels, a little about me, links to my blog, etc.

kindle-logoI looked at my first novel, Moment of Impact, and saw that its original release date was on August 28, 2006. It caught me by surprise! I’ve been so wrapped up in marketing and promotion for Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure and writing its follow-up that the date completely slipped my mind.

So I decided to celebrate by offering Moment of Impact for FREE on Kindle from September 8-12! 

All you have to do is go to Amazon, add it to your cart, and purchase. It won’t cost you a penny. In fact, even if you don’t read it, it would still be of great help to me if you purchased it anyway. The higher my book rankings and sales, the higher I appear in book searches.

You can get your copy of Moment of Impact FREE on Kindle this Thursday through the following Tuesday here.

Thanks and enjoy!


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