Caleb Wygal to release the short story “Deja Vu” on Kindle 

Hey readers,

I wanted to update you on my current projects and make a big announcement about an impending release!

It’s been a little over two years since my last work, Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure,  was published. I was hard at work on a sequel when we discovered that after nearly fifteen years of marriage, my wife was pregnant with our first child. He came into the world almost a year ago (if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, he makes occasional cameos), so writing took a backseat.

Starting this past March, I picked back up on the Lucas Caine sequel and wrote a science fiction short story. I’m pleased to tell you that the first draft of the sequel is complete and that I’m targeting this Thanksgiving for release. (This time, Lucas Caine and company find themselves in a life or death hunt for The Fountain of Youth.)

Before that, on Tuesday, July 31st, Franklin/Kerr Press will release my science fiction short story titled Deja Vu. It will be available on Amazon’s Kindle for only $. 99!

Here for the first time is the teaser synopsis for my first step into the science fiction realm:

Andrew Nicholas is about to die . . . and he knows it.

Clues from a derelict vessel circling a star near Earth leads to mankind’s first possible contact with an alien race.

The Global Space Agency sends Nicholas on a solo trip across the galaxy to explore the lead. In transit, he passes through a singularity that bends time in a way that changes his very existence.

Now trillions of miles from home, he must use his expert diplomatic and piloting skills while meeting an alien leader and trying to figure out what changed in him and why he knows what is about to happen a split second before it occurs.

This short story by novelist Caleb Wygal is his first foray into the genre that got him interested in books and writing as a teenager. Deja Vu will be included in the upcoming Franklin/Kerr Press Sci-Fi Anthology titled “Into the Unknown.”

You can order your copy here for $.99!

I will reveal the synopsis for The Search for the Fountain of Youth in early August!

Caleb Wygal


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