Anchor from Blackbeard’s ship raised after 293 years off North Carolina coast 

MOREHEAD CITY, North Carolina — Archaeologists on Friday raised an anchor from the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship that pirate Blackbeard and his crew intentionally grounded off the North Carolina coast in 1718. The nearly 3,000-pound anchor is the largest artifact yet recovered from the wreck of the notorious pirate’s flagship. The anchor was atop…

What is this toy in Rey’s home in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

I had the chance to pause and investigate what it was I thought I saw, and it may give us a clue to Rey’s ties with Luke Skywalker.

Blackbeard Fact #2 – The Body Count

This is the second fact I have to tell you about Blackbeard in the lead up to the release Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure, and this one really surprised me.

Blackbeard Quick Fact #1

In the days leading up to the release of Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure (April 28,2016 – Black Rose Writing), I am going to give my readers–or anyone with interest in the legendary pirate–some of the notes I took as part of my research for the novel.

Random Fact: Sneezing and the Pavlovian Response

  AH-CHOO! “Bless you.” HA-CHOO! “Gesundheit.” It’s automatic. It’s a reflex. When someone sneezes in a crowd, there is always someone, or someones, who respond with one of the above phrases.  It’s almost a part of the collective-conscience or social mind. It’s a custom that we use simply because most people around us throughout our lives…