Blackbeard Quick Fact #3 – Fun with hemp

In this third fact about Blackbeard, I tell you how the pirate made his enemies believe he was a demon.

Blackbeard Fact #2 – The Body Count

This is the second fact I have to tell you about Blackbeard in the lead up to the release Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure, and this one really surprised me.

Blackbeard Quick Fact #1

In the days leading up to the release of Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure (April 28,2016 – Black Rose Writing), I am going to give my readers–or anyone with interest in the legendary pirate–some of the notes I took as part of my research for the novel.

Writing Tip: How to create a lasting antagonist

Now that the writing for The Search for Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure is complete, I thought I’d take this opportunity while it is fresh on my mind to let you in on how my process for creating a villain.